Saturday, October 4, 2008

Karrine Stephans Talks shit bout Rappers Penis Size.

Mystikal - long
Trick Daddy - long and full of energy
Twista - medium
Will Smith - long
Xzibit - long but comes to quick
Kool G Rap - Long but cant f**k
Talib Kweli - medium
Redman - hung like a banana
Black Thought - medium
Russel Simmons - small
Khujo from Goodie Mob - very long
Ja Rule - Long and full of energy
Jay-Z - Real thick and juicy but you cant stand looking at him when he’s on top
OutKast - Both big but Big Boi is bigger and fatter Dre’s is long and slim
Pete Rock - big
Puff Daddy - medium
Rakim - Long
Mobb Deep - havoc is big but Prodigy is small
M.O.P. - Long pipes but Danze has a smelly body odor
Nas - small
Nelly - medium
Scarface - medium
Snoop Dogg - too long
Ol’ Dirty Bastard - may his big d**k rest in peace
Clipse - They’re both long but they cant f**k and Pusha T’s breath stinks
Common - Long but too skinny
Da Brat - can eat a p**sy.
Mos Def - long but his breath stinks
Timbaland - long and fat but can't f**k and comes to quick
Too $hort - long and thick but talks to much s*it in bed
Q Tip - long but skinny. He has an a**hole personality
Mase - Long but he has an a**hole personality too
Master P - nice and long and can f**k
Method Man - Long but comes to quick
Missy Elliott - pu**y has a bad odor
50 Cent - medium/long
Big Punisher - The same size of a can of air freshener
Busta Rhymes - Big and long bit cant f**k. Just because you are left sore he thinks he did something.
Canibus - real long
Noreaga - Long but he cant f**k
Lil Wayne - nice and long
Kanye West - Big but he cant f**k
KRS-One - small
LL Cool J - Nice and fat
The LOX - All of them are big except for styles. styles is very tiny. And J Hood is abnormaly fat
Ludacris - Just perfect. Long and fat
DMX - Long and can fuck forever
Fabolous - big d**k but comes to fast
Fat Joe - small at first but when erect he’s impressive.
Wyclef - Long but his breath stinks
Ghostface Killah - Long but he comes to quick